Established in 2012, Danza Special is a Kansas City-based hip hop duo that delivers lush melodies and pop-laced beats alongside feel-good lyrics. The dynamic dyad is made up of Casey Faircloth and frontman Anthony Louderback, KC performing artist best known by the stage name“Danza.” Louderback pairs his dazzling performance style and congenial song-writing with Faircloth-produced soul, and together, the pair delivers celebratory anthems for life’s highs, lows and in-betweens. 


With hip hop shaping a young Danza, the genre has become the singer-songwriter’s preferred vehicle of self expression. Danza’s inward-looking voice offers empathy and gives hope for tomorrow’s fun seekers. “When I perform, I’m working through my vulnerabilities and insecurities in my lyrics but making it fun in my way,” Danza said. “I hope you experience that and you're comfortable feeling the same way, we can let it all out and heal and have fun together.”


In 2017, their first self-titled LP “Danza Special” was released with the help of engineer Matt Jordan. This work received critical acclaim, and provides the perfect sonic stepping stones to the new music they have been crafting for 2020.